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Polygon: ‘New deal could clear game musician strife’

Austin Wintory, Grammy-nominated composer for Journey:

It’s not a silver bullet, but any sign of progress I think can be cause for optimism. But I’m an idealist.

Wintory’s protest of the AFM Videogame Agreement here.

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Grammy-nominated composer speaks up against union blockage of video game recordings

Austin Wintory, Grammy-nominated composer, on the AFM Videogame Agreement:

This contract created an untenable situation. Composers and musicians have continued to need to earn a living in this industry. Those musicians and composers therefore we’ve been forced to work without union sanction because the union has failed to signed any video game companies to work with them in almost two years.

After having successfully recorded the iOS game HORN with AFM musicians, I attempted to do the same with THE BANNER SAGA. The unusable contract forced me elsewhere, and I soon found the remarkable Dallas Wind Symphony. This collaboration happened as a direct result of the AFM’s unusable contract, and I am now being punished for simply doing my job under those circumstances.

I continue to be deeply moved by Wintory’s Journey OST. It’s a shame to see anyone punished for creating music, especially that as brilliant as Wintory’s.

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