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The Verge: ‘How the Xbox One and PS4 are helping bring Chinese indie games to the West’

Andrew Webster, The Verge:

For 14 years — starting in 2000 — the Chinese government enforced a ban on video game consoles. Between 2014 and 2015, both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 made their long-awaited and overdue debut. Microsoft described its release as a “monumental day” and celebrated by lighting up the Shanghai skyline in bright Xbox green. Sony’s chief executive Kaz Hirai told The Telegraph that “I think that we will be able to replicate the kind of success we have had with PS4 in other parts of the world in [China].”

The lifting of the Chinese console ban is not news, but the fact it was a thing still blows my mind. Where were you in 2000? Can you imagine your life without console games from then til now? It may sound like a silly question, but video games are a massive part of 21st century culture. Wild.

Regardless, a very cool and interesting story.

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‘Temple Run’ sees 1bn downloads, mostly women

Andrew Webster delivers Temple Run and Temple Run 2 joint analytics:

Alongside the milestone, Imangi also revealed a number of details about its audience, which helps to illustrate the changing landscape of mobile games. 60 percent of all players are female, for instance, and the game is most popular in China, which accounts for 36 percent of all downloads. The next largest market is the US at 21 percent.

Changing landscape indeed.

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Report: Chinese students forced to manufacture PS4 at Foxconn plant

Report: Chinese students forced to manufacture PS4 at Foxconn plant

I blame binge-watching.

Xi’an Technological University students spent two months at the Foxconn plant in Yantai, China, for a work-study program that ran from August to this week. Students from the program told Dongfang Daily that the internship was mandatory — their diploma would be withheld if they didn’t participate, and if they attempted to drop out of the program early, they would lose six credits’ worth of courses. The students also said they were given tasks outside of their areas of study, and sometimes performed manual labor.

– Polygon

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China creates Shanghai-based free trade zone, ending game console ban

China creates Shanghai-based free trade zone, ending game console ban

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo handle this…

Rumors that the 13-year-old ban would be terminated were confirmed earlier today by China’s State Council. The Council published a set of regulations that will govern the “experimental” free trade zone to be set up in Shanghai. The rules put forth by the Council allow foreign companies that run production and sales in the zone to sell game consoles, once the hardware receives approval from China’s Ministry of Culture.

China’s prohibition on game consoles began in 2000, but despite the ban, sellers have been able to bring game systems to China through Japan and Hong Kong. Online and mobile games have been permitted in the country and have become popular, bringing in high revenue with “freemium” models.

– Alexa Ray Corriea, Polygon

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