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Kudos to Nintendo’s E3 Booth Team

Yahoo’s Ben Silverman and host Jeff Cannata on the DLC podcast:

Ben Silverman: I think the problem wasn’t that there were fans there, I just think that no one was prepared for this. The management of the [Los Angeles Convention Center] didn’t route people in ways that made sense. It was just like everyone go and charge through these gigantic halls. The booths weren’t set up to handle that crush of fans.

On the first night — Tuesday night — Nintendo furiously reorganized their booth so that Wednesday and Thursday it would make more sense.

Jeff Cannata: And kudos to them because they did a great job. Tuesday it was literally just a sea of people at the Nintendo booth. It was unmanageable, completely. And kudos to them for staying up late that night and figuring it out. They had structure that really worked for the rest of the show. I mean, it was a six hour line — I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy — but it still at least allowed movement through their booth.

My friend and I took note of Nintendo’s queue management restructure on Wednesday as well. It was very cool to see. However, the lines for Super Mario Odyssey remained completely insane, but at least there were lines.

I mentioned that my friend and I lucked out in playing Super Mario Odyssey. Wednesday morning, after being let into the LACC, we beelined it for Super Mario Odyssey, but were discouraged to find that the line was already three hours long. A Nintendo booth actor/temp — dressed in a New Donk City themed suit and fedora no less — whispered “a secret” that the attendees sitting on a bench behind us with Switches in handheld mode were actually partaking in the demo. To a passerby, they looked like attendees playing on their own consoles. We were none the wiser until the fedora-clad “Donkian” gave us the coat full of contraband treatment. (I don’t think he was in character, but it fit the bill.) We immediately formed a line next to the bench, sparking another lengthy queue.

In all fairness, the actor/temp should have informed those waiting in the longer line that the Switches on the bench were demo units as well, long before my friend and I arrived. On the flip side, the lengthy Super Mario Odyssey line was a for a docked Switch with headphones — the full console experience. The bench Switches were portable mode only and did not feature audio, one of my favorite elements of Mario games.

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Watch Dogs special editions total $1,240, but do you really need that hat?

Watch Dogs special editions total $1,240, but do you really need that hat?

Alexa Ray Corriea, Polygon:

If you were to purchase every special edition available for Ubisoft’s open-world adventure Watch Dogs, you would spend just over $1,240.

This includes all region-exclusive editions, such as Australia and New Zealand’s ANZ Special Edition and the Europe, Australia and Asia-only Vigilante Edition, the only version that offers a wearable replica of protagonist Aiden Pierce’s hat. You come away with 10 copies of the game — and don’t forget about the season pass. Of course, you wouldn’t be able to play every version because of console region-locking.

While it’s not quite the same discussion, this quote is relevant to the tax complicated purchasing strategies can have on both the consumer and business:

Mike Monteiro on the Amazon/Comixology model, aired on The Talk Show, ep. 80: Beats by Tim

What you never want to do with an addict, and I think comics readers are addicts, is show them a total. I would sit there at night just hitting buy, buy, buy, buy. So I’m just buying comics an issue at a time. Now, I go to the website and I get to see a total. ‘Holy shit! I’m spending $35 on comics today. That’s really a lot of money.’ Then all of the sudden I’m thinking, ‘well… I’m certainly not going to try this new one I’ve never heard of before. It might suck and I want to get out of hear under $20.’

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