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Garena Philippines Limiting LGBTQ Women from League of Legends Competition

Garena Esports (empahsis my own):

For any events we do, we always want to make sure we are able to have an inclusive environment where no one feels left out, and of course for everybody to enjoy.  On this angle, we believed that allowing more to be eligible to join is obviously the answer and as many of our female teams have expressed — Lesbian, Gay, Transgendered Women members are their friends too.  On the other hand, for any competitions, we seriously look at ensuring there’s a fair level playing field for all participants.  And there are arguments and concerns from other participants who disputes that Lesbian, Gay, Transgendered Women members may probably have some unfair advantage.

I have zero tolerance for the twisted logic/suspicion/assumption that one’s physical traits, let alone sexual orientation, “may probably” provide them “some unfair advantage” in a competition based purely on mental prowess. Unbelievable.

[Via Polygon]

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Polygon pits Dota 2 champ payout against professional sports

A very interesting read on how professional and eSports players are paid out after winning championship titles.
Owen S. Good, Polygon:

So. Next time someone asks you if eSports are a real sport, you can show ’em the receipt.

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Dota 2: Newcomer’s Broadcasts at TI4

Vlad Savov, The Verge:

Valve is trying to tear down this barrier of entry to what is already its most popular game ever with the introduction of a new round of Newcomer’s Broadcasts at TI4. These video streams offer alternative commentary on the tournament’s matches, where the game’s jargon is either filtered out or explained so as to improve the spectating experience for the uninitiated. Alas, though the goal is noble, the execution has so far been uneven. The commentators come from the same roster that does the regular game broadcasts and they struggle between being overly simplistic — “the green bars above their heads” represent each hero’s health and LAN means Local Area Network — and utterly impenetrable with discussions of “ganking,” “popping the Aegis,” and being “blown up by the Dagon.”

I have yet to plunge myself into the MOBA craze but this seems like a novel idea, and not just for eSports.
While watching a recent San Francisco Giants game, I joked with friends about substitute commentators that continually get sidetracked. What I didn’t suggest (but began pondering) was the inclusion of commentating for the novice viewer, breaking down different stats and rules. It would certainly be interesting to see commentary track choices rated by depth not only built into eSports broadcasts but services such as MLB.tv and NFL Network too.

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Finnish Hearthstone tournament limited to male participants

Ben Kuchera, ladies and gentlemen:

Games that, through their very design, seek to give players a level playing field are rare, and should be celebrated by inviting everyone who wants to play to compete. To take such a well-designed and welcoming game and force segregation due to the outdated ideas of your organization is not just wrong, it’s offensive. It spits on the spirit of the game and the hard work done to avoid that sort of outmoded thought on competition.

I’ll mention my post on misogyny but it’s worth jumping straight to Polygon’s ‘Where are the women in eSports?

Update: The IeSF has reversed its decision.


One of our goals with eSports is to ensure that there’s a vibrant and also inclusive community around our games. We do not allow the use of our games in tournaments that do not support this, and are working with our partners to ensure they share the same goal.

Worth relinking to Humanity in Hearthstone.

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StarCraft 2 player receives the sport’s first US athlete visa

StarCraft 2 player receives the sport’s first US athlete visa

Professional StarCraft 2 player from South Korea Kim “ViOLet” Dong Hwan recently became the first person from the eSport to obtain a P-1A visa from the American government, his representatives at Cyber Solutions Agency announced.

– Tracey Lien, Polygon

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Looking Back on the League of Legends Championship Series Grand Finals

Looking Back on the League of Legends Championship Series Grand Finals

Is this a pitch for ESPNerd?

When I eventually forced myself to stop taking pictures of epic cosplayers and merch, I found my way to my seat and marveled at the 13,000 people filing in to watch one best of five series of League of Legends.

– Leah Jackson, IGN

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