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IGDA surveys 2,200 devs on industry perception

Tracey Lien, Polygon:

When it came to the factors influencing society’s negative view of games and the people who make them, 68 percent of respondents said reports of the industry’s working conditions were a contributing factor. Sexism in games followed closely at 67 percent. 62 percent of respondents named the perceived link to violence as a factor. 51 percent said sexism in the workforce was a problem, while 49 percent attributed the negative perception to the perceived link to obesity. 42 percent of respondents blamed the lack of overall diversity in the industry.

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Video games crash course

Keith Stuart, The Guardian:

For people who don’t play video games, they can seem like a strange and vaguely threatening interloper into the household.

These noisy yet seemingly seductive things are on computers, on smartphones and tablets, and on expensive consoles that your kids will tell you everyone else has. And if you’re not buying them for your children, your children are probably playing them elsewhere.

Even if you never intend to play a game in your life, you should probably know about them – if only to understand what it is that drags other people in.

Stuart continues to churn out great work over at The Guardian. As stated, this piece is a must for parents and (honestly) everyone else. The piece highlights everything from free-to-play to the state of major developers, financials to education; plus some Hearthstone, Monument Valley, and Mario Kart 8 love. Good to the last sentence.

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