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‘Sexism, Lies and Video Games: The Culture War Nobody Is Winning’

Leigh Alexander, writing for Time:

As video games unshackle from old constraints, traditional fans double down on keeping the treehouse sacrosanct. The tension between “games as product” and “games as culture” is visible within these online controversies as everyone invested in the industry watches to see which will “win”. Someone should tell the internet conspiracy theorists they can relax — we’ll absolutely, definitely have both.

One of Alexander’s many terrific pieces. Another great bit at Daring Fireball. (via Peter Hollo)

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No girls allowed | Polygon

No girls allowed

Kick off this detailed and gorgeous read explaining why video games are for boys and why that needs to change with the video above.

President of the marketing firm A Squared Group Amy Cotteleer says that marketing is so powerful that it can shape our values and beliefs, and we’re often not even aware that it’s happening. Coca-Cola’s marketing campaigns in the 1920s are the reason why the modern-day image of Santa Claus is a jovial, plump man in a Coca-Cola Red suit. Prior to Coca-Cola, there was no consistent image of Santa. He was often represented as a skinny man who sometimes wore green and sometimes wore brown. So if Coca-Cola could sell us the modern-day Santa, the game industry would not have had much trouble selling the idea that video games are for males.

– Tracey Lien, Polygon

Tracey Lien and Polygon, thank you for this amazing feature. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think there’s something in my eye.

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‘Disney Infinity’ to introduce Princesses

‘Disney Infinity’ to introduce Princesses
USA Today

The House of Mouse brings more girls to gaming.

“Disney Infinity producer John Vignocchi says the Princesses’ arrival marks the biggest rollout of toys for the action game since launching in August.

‘The female characters, especially the Princesses, were among the top requests,’ says Vignocchi.”
– USA Today

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