One Hell of a Talk from Anita Sarkeesian at the 2014 XOXO Festival

Anita Sarkeesian, XOXO Festival:

For these detractors, it is easier to believe that I’m a skin-bleaching, mind-controlling, video-game-hating, scam artist involved in a masterful long-con than it is to believe that the tide is turning in gaming. That larger numbers of developers and fans are challenging the sexist status-quo and embracing the ideas and critiques expressed in my work and the work of many other women doing the same cultural criticism.

That about sums up #gamergate. We are extremely fortunate to brave folks like Sarkeesian facing this head-on.

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IGN’s Top 125 Nintendo Games of All Time

To round out their 125th Nintendo Anniversary celebration, Nintendo has released their the same Let’s Plays I’ve been thoroughly enjoying for over a month).


Nintendo merely publishing a game that was developed by a third party does not make it eligible – for a game to be considered a “Nintendo game” in our eyes, Nintendo has to have had a hand in the development process itself. This excludes games like Golden Sun (developed by Camelot and published by Nintendo) and Meteos (developed by Q Entertainment and published by Nintendo).

The lack of third-party games published by Nintendo never crossed my mind. A truly impressive catalog from a truly revolutionary company. Again, a story I can believe in.

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Will Ferrell’s SuperMegaBlastMax Gamer Challenge

Hello people of the video game universe…its your friend Will Ferrell!

How would you like to join me for a delightful evening of playing video games together? The only appropriate answer is YES!

I want to throw one of the coolest video game events in the history of mankind, possibly even dating back to the time of the dinosaurs, and I’m extending this challenge to gamers: Raise $375,000 for charity and children with cancer and then I’ll host the event on October 26th…..AND, one lucky winner (aka one of you reading right now) could join me for this life altering moment in beautiful San Francisco!

I’ll bring the roll of quarters, all I ask is for you to make a donation in support of children and families suffering from cancer.

Sounds like a good contest/kickerstarter for a great cause. Head over to for more information.

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Chocolate-Covered Broccoli

Daphne Bavelier, TEDxCHUV: ‘Your brain on video games’:

Now, at this point, a number of you are probably wondering well, what are you waiting for, to put on the market a game that would be good for the attention of my grandmother and that she would actually enjoy, or a game that would be great to rehabilitate the vision of my grandson who has amblyopia, for example?

Well, we’re working on it, but here is a challenge. There are brain scientists like me that are beginning to understand what are the good ingredients in games to promote positive effects, and that’s what I’m going to call the broccoli side of the equation. There is an entertainment software industry which is extremely deft at coming up with appealing products that you can’t resist. That’s the chocolate side of the equation. The issue is we need to put the two together, and it’s a little bit like with food. Who really wants to eat chocolate-covered broccoli? None of you. And you probably have had that feeling, right, picking up an education game and sort of feeling, hmm, you know, it’s not really fun, it’s not really engaging. So what we need is really a new brand of chocolate, a brand of chocolate that is irresistible, that you really want to play, but that has all the ingredients, the good ingredients that are extracted from the broccoli that you can’t recognize but are still working on your brains. And we’re working on it, but it takes brain scientists to come and to get together, people that work in the entertainment software industry, and publishers, so these are not people that usually meet every day, but it’s actually doable, and we are on the right track. I’d like to leave you with that thought, and thank you for your attention.

I’m currently playing Valiant Hearts: The Great War. In speaking to the colleague that recommended the game, I told him it feels like perfect edutainment. An extremely engaging action-puzzler, rich with gorgeous music and gut-wrenching narratives, that also aims to teach the historical significance and effects of World War I. A new brand of chocolate.

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Ultra Street Fighter IV Ultras without Cinematic Camera

The Verge:

It’s actually more fascinating to watch the way that different fighters’ complicated Ultra moves spread out, unobscured, across the stage. If you just want to see what the martial arts style of your favorite character looks like without the game’s normal careful cutting, you can click over to YouTube, where they’re separated out with bookmarks.

I was just telling a colleague how much I wish I had learned 3D modeling and animation. This video drives my longing home.

On the topic of Street Fighter, take a few minutes to enjoy Pete Holmes’ star-studded and hilarious Street Fighter: Red Tape. Kumail Nanjiani’s Dhalsim is tremendous.

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Journey on PS4

Colin Moriarty, IGN:

Graphically, the new treatment is most impressive with Journey, but maybe that’s because I only played through a brief portion of Swan’s black-and-white intro sequence. Journey was a looker on PS3; it’s somehow even more beautiful on PlayStation 4. The lighting effects, the sand, and the way your character’s robes move and sway make for an aesthetically impressive experience. Journey truly is an incredible, emotional game, and it seems that it’s set to remain so on next-gen hardware. I’m not so sure I actually want to play it again on PS4, but that’s because I promised myself I’d only play it once through on PS3. The game resonated with me so much that I’m afraid seeing it all again would ruin that experience.

John Siracusa must be excited.

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FFXIV Pixel Pride 2014

To celebrate the addition of same-sex marriages in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the Rough Trade Gaming Community took to the streets of Eorzea in the inaugural FFXIV Pixel Pride parade.

J. Bryan Lowder, Slate:

I must say, having watched both the real thing [Pride Parade in New York City] back in June and now this, the Rough Trade parade seemed—pixilation aside—the more joyous of the two.


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War Ensemble

This is enough to sell me on Rocksmith 2014.

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The Cat Mario Show

In 1988, Nintendo distributed a first-party magazine called Nintendo Power full of reviews, previews, strategies, and tips and tricks. With the eShop channel, and programs like The Cat Mario Show, Nintendo seems to have found a great alternative to the magazine.

I’m very happy to see a focus put back on tips and tricks. Bolting to drug store magazine aisles to read GamePro, Nintendo Power, and EGM while on errands with my family remains one of my fondest memories. I remember flipping directly to the tips and tricks sections to see if any of the games I owned were being featured. In the event I found on, I’d scribble down the code or attempt to embed the button combinations into my muscle memory. In all honesty, clever tips and tricks were enough to sell me on a games I did not own; more so than actual previews and reviews.

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Sokobond: Chemistry-themed 2D indie puzzle game

This game looks fun, gorgeous and powerful. Coming to Steam on July 21st. Eventually being released on iOS and Android.

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